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Born and raised in Italy, Dj Red is a key figure of the Roman techno scene.
Resident of the former iconic Goa Club, her contribution has been essential to
the development of Rome’s club culture. Constantly travelling among Rome
and Berlin over the past two decades, she has built up a unique approach to
electronic music both as a producer and a performer. When in the DJ booth, DJ
Red fully deploys her eccentric and multifaceted personality.
From Berghain, Tresor ,Ohm, to Awakenings and Exit Festival, Terraforma
Festival, RSO, Ankali, Else Berlin. She never fails to deeply connect with her
audience. The manic perfection in selecting every single record and the
commitment of her daily research makes it impossible not to be dragged by
the intense, visionary techno sets. The thriving passion for music blossoms
also in her productions. Intertwining dynamic rhythms arising of electronic
drums, organic tonalities and esoteric machines, DJ Red gives birth to
aethereal, aqueous soundscapes that reach the very core of her listeners.
Her discography counts releases on labels such as Electric Deluxe, Wolfskuil
Records, BPitch, Danza Tribale, and remixes from Ricardo Villalobos, Speedy J
and Lucy (Zeitgeber), Stanislav Tolkachev, LoryD.
DJ Red is a shimmering example of techno’s past, present and future, a voice
that continues to evolve alongside the genre she so proudly represents; time
after time with each impressive performance.