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Brutal Casual Magazine is the live project of photographer and visual artist Jacopo Benassi and dj, producer and post punk musician Lady Maru: it's a live set with EBM, industrial, synthpunk and noise influences combined with real time photography, with a camera used as a music instrument.

whole set is caught in real time , with the aim of building up a magazine of slogans , pictures, and sound, through the random self documentation process of the camera. It's a surrealistic way to claim occult subcultures through various disciplines (sound, photography and body performance).

The fanzine will be based on materials taken from various gigs, but also from everyday life experiences: walking own a street, happenings after a gig, or in a kitchen, everywhere. It will include contributions of friends and artists that are willing to add elements to the ‘Brutal Casual’ concept, too.