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Lætitia Sadier, former founder together with the guitarist Tim Gane of the seminal StereoLab and of the vintage pop Monade together with Rosie Cuckstone, the French class of '68 Laetita Sadier over the years has lent her voice to many well-known more or less alternative realities such as High Llamas, Blur , Mouse On Mars and Luna.

Since 2010, he has started solo production with ‘The Trip’, an album with which a more emotional streak of interpreter began to emerge. Better still does the successor ‘Silencio’ two years later, in whichmaturity gave Sadier a crumpled warmth, a scattered softness, a tumult under the skin. A path as an author and interpreter that finds its fulfillment in the third opus ‘Something Shines’, of 2014, which, represents another step forward in the process of redefining one's status as an 'emotional' interpreter, without prejudice to the 'avant attitude and the militancy of the themes.