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Havah is the brainchild of Michele Camorani, the man behind La Quiete/Raein, not one, but two (!) of the most successful DIY punk hardcore bands to ever emerge from the decadent Italian peninsula. His two LP’s ‘Settimana’ and ‘Durante Un Assedio’ have been hailed back home as classic dark-wave gems with a post-punk industrial backbone and one foot slipping into death-rock territory. Think Bauhaus meets Diaframma meets CCCP.

‘Contravveleno’ is Havah’s third proper LP, their most razor sharp, dense and assertive effort, a cold plunge by one of Italy’s darkest bands into one of the countries’ most wretched pictures, a moment that united the toughest and brought out the bravest. ‘Contravveleno’ is a black and white, post punk record, that speaks through images and small episodes of resistance of women and men that were not heroes, just ordinary people having to defend, attack, kill, die or withstand atrocities. At a time where there was no other possibility, these people, consciously or unknowingly were the antidote, the ‘Contravveleno’ between fear and the certainty of a rebirth. There are no slogans, no songs of glory, just the stories and trauma of those who by choice or lack of alternative became a protagonist in the events. Forever Resist!