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Kety Fusco transports us into a new era, one of music to make dreams come true and the subversive sounds generated by her sound research on the harp.

The result of Kety Fusco’s music is a mix of insistence and passion, electronic music and wild dancing on the one hand and organic research of experimental music on the other. A revolutionary in the world of the harp, Kety Fusco took the music world by storm with her debut album ‘DAZED’ (Universal distribution), thanks to which she was nominated for three categories during the last Swiss Live Talents Awards in Bern (CH) and performed her compositions in the hall of  The Parliament Building in Bern. Fusco also opened the Locarno Film Festival with an original transcription of the Swiss anthem. During the global pandemic, despite the interruption of live music, Fusco was asked to perform a piece by Ennio Morricone, performing at the Verona Arena. We also remember her collaborations, over the years, with creative musicians like Clap! Clap!, Lubomyr Melnyk and the band Peter Kernel. Fusco reached one of the most important steps in her career in 2021, when she was invited by the United Nations to the SDG Global Festival of Action, sharing the virtual stage with Patti Smith and Ben Harper.

Fusco is currently working on her new record that will be released this summer: a sound research project where the harpist manipulates the sound of the harp with her electronic pedals, scratches the strings, destroys the bow on the strings. With this record Fusco worked on the transformation of the harp sound, starting from the fact that the harp is rich in sound possibilities. With a harp you can create drone sounds, techno drum loops, glitch sounds without using a computer to add digital parts. Made together with the musician IOSONOUNCANE, the master and sound engineer Alessio Sabella and the finalist at the Swiss Grand Prix of Music Aris Bassetti, the record will have its world premiere at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival 2022.



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