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At this point, one sure thing is that HEBV does not lack the desire to take risks and have fun surprising the listener.
While the main elements have always been the noisy distortions, the obsessive and thumping motorik rhythms, the whole outline has constantly changed in search of various different nuances.

Three years after the last LP ‘Mental Hoop’ (Maple Death / Iron Lung), HEBV returns to the shorter format that marked the entire first period of its life (7 "and EPs), before releasing the first LP ‘Ruthless Sperm’ (Sub Pop, 2013). Today we move further away from the classic comfort zones of those genres that are too proud of themselves, that have lost boldness and the desire to get their hands dirty, as in their original essence.

Recorded in complete solo by Francesco Mariani, the new release Body Crash / Sempre Delusione’ is the first of a series by Body Crash (BC-001) that will lead HEBV to explore and expand its aesthetic horizons. The influences and sounds that have been added here either come from an old love for hip hop, in its different forms, or have a rave mood, without the typical sharing experience of big crowds, but with private and personal parties.

The tireless listening to music as a simple enthusiast, the curiosity, the updating and the desire to develop intuitions immediately risking them without waiting for external confirmations, constitute the vital engine that distinguishes this series. In this specific period HEBV is unable to sit on consolidated styles and prefers to expand and sometimes overflow from the limits of predefined genres, relying more on ideas than on sound homogeneity. The ten-minute mini set ‘Loreal 94’ is the manifesto.

If ‘Body Crash / Sempre Delusione’ added hip hop, post-rave, trip hop and jungle elements to the usual motorik, post-punk bases through a personal reinterpretation, in the last release ‘Energie / Chrom XL / Loreal 94’ we find the addition of house flavors, euro dance, trap, dark jazz, industrial, glitch and hyperpop poised between energy and psychedelia.



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