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Lamusa II is the stage name of Giampaolo Scapigliati, an Italian electronic musician and Dj based in  Milan.

He explores the meanders of electronic music using analog  and digital synthesisers accompanied by abstract  percussive sounds, drum machines and electric bass guitar reminiscent of psychedelic, IDM and obscure-ambient  music.

He attended the Red Bull Music Academy in Montréal  (2016), he released music on Hivern Discs, Garzen Records  and Ninja Tune, he hosts a monthly radio show on Rinse France.

He had the chance to perform on international stages like  Sónar, Pitchfork Music Festival, OSS, Boiler Room,  contemporary art spaces like Triennale Milano and Palais  de Tokyo and he also collaborated with the fashion brands  Marni, Zegna and Sunnei.

During his career he worked with John Talabot, Marie Davidson, Marco Passarani, Silent Servant, Red Axes,  Deradoorian, 72 Hour Post Fight, Gianni Gebbia and many  others.

In 2023 he started his collaboration with ‘Assembly  Group’ with the need to perform on stage as a band  together with a drummer and guitarist, to expand his  experimental sound palette and research towards avant garde, contemporary, dub, post-punk and jazz territory  with layered processed guitar, electronic and acoustic  drums, concrète sounds, vocals and bass guitar. They are  recording a live album which will be released beginning  of 2024.