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Leatherette are born in Bologna, Italy, in 2018. The name was inspired by the iconic single ‘Warm Leatherette’, by The Normal. ‘Leatherette’ sounded like a mockery of rock music and the rockstar cult: ‘fake’ leather as a device for self-irony, something cheap, punk, disgraceful.

Initially the band was a trio, formed by Michele Battaglioli (fka Dolan Tymas - guitarist and lead singer), Francesco Bonora (Baseball Gregg, Sleap-e - drums) and Marco Jespersen (bass). During the same year the first self-produced demo ‘No Way’ was released. In 2019 the band expanded, with the arrival of Jacopo Finelli (sax, synths) and Andrea Gerardi (guitar). Leatherette’s sound evolved and became richer, combining jazz atmospheres, punk outbursts and no wave suggestions.

In 2021 Leatherette became part of We Were Never Being Boring’s roster and released ‘Mixed Waste’, their debut EP. ‘Mixed Waste’ comes as a digital release, consisting of 4 songs, accompanied by a fanzine which includes a deluxe edition (6 more downloadable demo tracks).
Their first full-length album is on its way and will be published in 2022 via Bronson Recordings.