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For ages nighttime was said to be the time of ghosts and spirits. Creatures of the night were believed to gain special powers
between midnight and dawn.
In latin this shrouded in mystery lapse of time was called "intempesta" - time without time.
Detlef Weinrich, alias Toulouse Low Trax, too, seems to have lingered in the irrational universe of frozen continuity quite frequently within the last 10 years.
Everyone who drifts to the sound of his Music will soon sense the musical intensity boding a different dancefloor.
Cool, atmospheric new-wave-sharpness, and a cushioned beat rate between 107 and 116 bpm call out a mechanical functionality that
doesn't bow to any contemporary doctrine. " Urban music, club album. Big city lights in Africa. Chilly neon-sounds made in Dusseldorf and now in Paris.

Now, with his solo project, he is demonstrating that a MPC and a small synthesizer-ensemble are enough to bring alive futuristic dance music in the here and now.

With plenty delay on the bass figures, compact analogue effects, percussive dabs and a rough blend of layers, Weinrich has, without any digital support, created quivering drum machine music, whose dancability he was able to test regularly as a resident DJ and co-owner of the Dusseldof-based club/ bar "Salon Des Amateurs".
The Music is committed to experiment. They leave room for every sound without neglecting rhythmical clarity. A dark, urban solanum, fextra dry, whose melodies are never prankish, but whose minimal nonchalance is sure to help not only the dark creatures through the night.
"Form is essence brought to the surface" Electronic music beyond
any categorisation, whose sounds and rhythmics grow to an emotional atmosphere that far exceeds the immediately hearable.



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