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Italian-born Marta Del Grandi is an eclectic singer songwriter gathering influences from near and far to create a unique genre-splicing style, a jazz vocalist originally, now travelling her own unique and unchartered path.

In the not-too-distant past, Marta studied Jazz Vocals at the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan, won diplomas, dabbled with groups and partnerships, with song structures and wordplay. She visited China, then Nepal where she taught at the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, before returning to Italy where she unpacked the influences and inspirations she’d soaked up.

Re-connecting with old sparring partners and collaborators along the way, she met new like-minded souls and developed a plan that had first been ignited in Kathmandu’s rarefied air where she re-imagined her relationship with music and its with her. From there, songs became soundtracks, patterns emerged, vocals drifted over electronic synths, classical structures and ambient soundwaves ran abreast; strange nuances of texture evolved.

Living in such a different place and getting to know it deeply influences her gaze on the world and consequently the music and lyrics she writes for her solo debut ‘Until We Fossilize’ (2021). The album, released on the British label Fire Records, is an avant-pop work that sees folk-rock stylistic elements, Lynchian atmospheres and arrangements that recall Morricone's soundtracks coexist.