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Not Waving, is the project by Alessio Natalizia, an Italian based in London already known for his past electronic past as Banjo or Freakout or in the techno duo Walls (Kompakt).
After 2017's ‘Good Luck’, an exciting work that brought to completion his twenty-year research between pop and electronics released on Diagonal, in 2019 he published ‘Futuro’ (Music for The Waldorf Project), on Ecstatic Records, ambient soundtrack for the theatrical work by Sean Rogg The Waldorf Project. During the same year he published the acclaimed ‘Downwelling’ via Ecstatic in collaboration with the sensational Mark Lanegan

Not Waving is now back in style interpreting his pop soul in a definitive album ‘How To Leave Your Body’ (2021, Ecstatic), starring guest appearances on the vocals of Mark Lanegan, Marie Davidson, Jonnine Standish and Spivak. The 11 tracks of the latest masterpiece ‘How To Leave Your Body’ address the need for friendship, the fragility of loss and spiritual transcendence through a spectrum of strategies that ultimately come to a mutual conclusion: love is the message.