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Producer, musician and Dj, Cosimo Damiano spent his formative years entrenched in Rome's rave and free party scene hosting transportive soundsystem raves in TAZ and squats. Currently Damiano runs a large number of projects, including Salo’, Neurodreamers with Alessandro Adriani, Canzonieri with Emiliano Maggi.
In 2021 he released his first solo album ‘Hypnos’ for survive Ltd. A deep and cathartic journey through experimental, electroacoustic and tribal sounds, which is  playing accompanied on stage by acoustic instruments and other musicians.

There's also Damiano's collection of tribal techno-meets-experimental acid tracks on Deltaplanet Records, of whom he is co- founder. His sound is characterized by an endless transversality  that allows him not to be placed in any specific genere or current in his last productions is possible to find influences by experimental, atonal music, minimalist, techno, folk, world and ritual music. Damiano collaborates also as musician and producer on various albums recently released, included ‘Rimorso’ by Mai Mai Mai, and ‘Capelli Di Catene’ by Maria Violenza.