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Fukinsei is a DJ, label manager, radio host, writer  active since 2020.
Her Sicilian roots, her studies in ethnomusicology,
her passion for marranzano led her to an obsession with deep, broken,
obscure and hysterical sounds.
Dark Break, Footwork, Hardcore Jungle, Hip Hop, Rave are
just some of the musical genres she explores.

Co-founder of label/collective Reyetto Tapes. She is resident at The Magick Bar
and on Radio Raheem.

Fukinsei performs “Innesta”
, a Mediterranean radical sound research and experimentation.
The project is based on the grafting of elements of the Sicilian oral tradition onto
rhythmic cuttings, exploiting the peculiar acoustics of the space. She previewed the
project at “Palace of Popular Arts and Traditions” of the Museum Of Civilization” and in
a 1582 former basilica consecrated to Sant'Apollonia with the support of the ItalianCouncil, in Rome in collaboration with independent publishing projects as Nero (Rome) and ILDWD (London).
As part of Reyetto Tapes, she previewed the A/V performan ce
exclusively at Ortigia Sound System 2023.

She’s curator of
"Reyetto Tapes invites"
format involving underground
and self- produced labels that converge in sound and attitude as BFDM, Jupiter4, Fear of Dog, Realia.



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