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Anton Sconosciuto is a drummer and composer, he was born in London but lived most of his childhood and teenage years in Siena, Italy. After starting to play and sing when he was 8 years old, he started collaborating with many local bands and projects since he was 15 years old, working mostly (as drummer and arranger) within many projects such as KOKO, Adult Matters, Orelle, Vera di Lecce, Oga Magoga e Kostja.

His music goes after his multiple musical passions, that start from the 70’s biggest classics and continue through alt-folk/indie rock phenomenons such as Mac DeMarco, also getting contaminated by Jazz and electronic music. Winner of the First Prize in the 33rd edition (December 2021) of Controradio's RockContest, he was included in the 100 Names of Italian Music in 2021 by Rockit.