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The band Comaneci started as a trio, based in Ravenna, in 2005.
The line up changed through the years. After two EPs and the album ‘Volcano’ (2007), Francesca Amati lead the band as a solo for a couple of years playing in Italy, the US and Japan until Glauco Salvo (banjo and guitar) joined the band.
As a duo, Comaneci recorded two albums – ‘You a Lie’ (2009) and ‘Uh!’ (2012) - and played all aroundItaly and Europe.
Comaneci were chosen for the movie soundtracks Provincia Meccanica and Acciaio by Stefano Mordini, Supranatura by Dem and Seth Morley.

In 2017 the drummer Simone Cavina joined the band, bringing back the trio line up. With the album ‘Rob a Bank’(2018), the band moved away from the acoustic dimension to search for a more complex and impactful sound, always keeping a minimal and bare approach. Their fifth album ‘Anguille’, coming out in 2022 on Santeria, Wallace and Tannen Records, brings up new colors. There is a wide use of rough electronic sounds with the intervention of electroacoustic processing. Value added, three great guest musicians left their mark in the album: Luca Cavina.