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Fera is the project of the composer / illustrator / publisher Andrea De Franco. His debut for Maple Death ‘Stupidamutaforma’ is a small jewel of industrial electronics, a concentrate of obsessive rhythms and celestial meditative suites stained with black ambient spikes and kosmish micro-variations. A journey that brings together the first explorations of the Boards Of Canada and the density of the first releases on Mego. In a few months the first edition of ‘Stupidamutaforma’ sold out thanks to word of mouth and above all to the foreign media attention of sites such as Pitchfork, XL8TR, Inverted Audio, Bandcamp, NTS and the national press Rumore, Soundwall, Radio3 etc.

After a year of isolation, fearful house parties and window staring, Andrea De Franco is back with ‘Catastrofe Ultravioletta’ a new short audio voyage. Like an obsolete system in dire need of update, the techno elements of Fera have been stripped, segmented, distilled and revised into the two loops of Catastrofe Ultravioletta.