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Filibalou is a music selector and producer based in Bologna. He began collecting records at the age of 13 between different styles and genres to arrive at what he defines Trancedelic, a mix of lysergic sounds suitable for long rituals on groove and needle.

He is part of the Mint sound collective from which various projects have branched out, from the record store/loft based in the Cirenaica district to the organization of different parties, from the open air to clubbing like what happens at the Freakout Club once a month for 7 years where they alternate with artists from the main European scenes.

As a result of the lockdown, his home studio has taken hold where through sound synthesis experiments he studies to deepen his thirst for introspection. The first release took place in 2019 with a track titled ‘Molto Kosmisch’ for the Glasgow-based label Invisible Inc, a tribute to krautrock and hypnotic delay repetitions. Since 2020 he has been the co-owner of an original Lombardi soundsystem from the ' 70 with which a collateral project linked to festivals and the need for a quality analogue chain to reproduce records was born.


H A N G A R 

Booking & Management

Hangar is a smart DIY booking agency and management company, founded in 2017 and based in Europe.
At Hangar we believe in artists development and we put their needs first.
We have worked with a shitload of great artists over the past 15+ years, always belonging and thriving in the underground,
as it’s where all great art and music come from.



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