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Born from a coitus of John Dwyer driving a Citroen Picasso in search of a kebabbaro, stoned in San Miguel, the Yonic South are the Gabber mafia with the Twix in their pocket!

Yonic South are a garage centaur, play a dirty garage on the levels of a French street. With only one EP under their belt, ‘Wild Cobs’, released by La Tempesta International on March 22nd, they have already collected numerous dates in Italy, a tour in Europe and shared the stage with important international names such as DUDS, King Khan ltd, Warmduscher, Preoccupation, Goat Girls, Omni and many others.

‘Wild Cobs’ is their debut EP. The entire record was born as a 1950s b-movie tale inspired by the real episode of the Point-Saint-Esprit mass poisoning. The story is set in Sy, a tiny village of 51 in the Ardennes that becomes embroiled in a nearby nuclear disaster that has been covered up by the central government. The event will cause genetic mutations to its inhabitants, who will find themselves adoring monstrous and gigantic human-like cobs. After a reporter finds out about what had happened by infiltrating the village, the government will try to intervene to cover up the incident and will find itself fighting against wild cobs.